Invitations, Reminders, and Previews, oh my!

We send invitations to all Players (but not Guests) several days before each game or event, according to the schedule you chose when you created the activity.

After you've created an activity, on the game or event page, you can hit the Invite Players Now button if you want to send invites early.

The day before each activity, if you don't have your minimum number of players confirmed, we'll send you an alert email listing who has confirmed and who hasn't. Use this to chase the non-responders!

(If you need to call up guest players for a game, you can hit the Invite Guests button on the activity page.)

Finally, we'll send a game preview to all players, all admins, and any guests who are playing. This will re-confirm the time, place, and final attendance list for the activity. It will go out early in the morning either on the day of or day before the activity, depending on which reminder schedule you chose for that activity. 

Oh, and if anyone changes their availability after this email goes out - we'll send an alert email to the team admins so you know of any late call-offs or additions. 

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