Subscribe to your Team's Schedule

You can easily link your phone or computer calendar to your Simpler Sport team (or teams). Then your calendar will contain full info for every game or event, including the location and map URL if that has been set.

Go to the team's page and select the 'Schedule' tab. If they have events scheduled, there will be a "Subscribe" button. 

Click that button, then follow the instructions in the pop-up message.

  • If you use a desktop or phone app like Apple Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, you should simply be able to click the link provided and it will open in your default calendar app.
  • If that doesn't work, or if you use a web-based calendar like Google Calendar, then you will need to copy the Simpler Sport link (including the "webcal:" prefix) and paste that into your calendar. Instructions for Google Calendar are here.

Once you are subscribed, any changes in the team's schedule will flow through to your calendar. The frequency of update is controlled by your calendar program, so check its settings if you want to change it (we recommend daily).

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