Add Parents to Receive Game Invites

Often when you're managing kids' teams, you'll want to have the parents listed as contacts, so they take care of replying to invites. 

With Simpler Sport, it's easy to set this up. 

First, add any parent (or guardian, or other contact)  as a 'Non-Player' on the team. 

Then, when you're adding each child to the roster, open the 'Contacts' section on the 'New Player' screen and select the adults who should receive invites and game notifications on behalf of that player:

Follow this process to set up as many parents or guardians as you like for each child.
Now, when a game invite is sent, each adult will receive the email and can respond on behalf of the child. They will also see all emails sent on behalf of the child: game invites, game previews, cancel notifications, etc. 
Parents with more than one kid on the team? That's no problem, because each parent will receive one invite per player and it will clearly state who the invite is for. 

[If you want to add extra contact information for a player but don't want the contact to receive any emails - for example, so a coach can get in touch to discuss a child's performance - then just add the parent contact info to the 'Notes' field when you add the player to the team.]

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