Add Someone to your Team

Select your team from the 'My Teams' option on the menu bar. 

Click on the 'Roster' tab, then click on the 'Add to Roster' button. Then fill out the fields below. 

Item Required? Contents
Email Yes Enter the person's email address. They may already have an account with us - that's fine.
Name Yes First name or names
Surname Yes Surname
Mobile No Phone number (US/Canada only). Use any format you like as long as it's ten digits, we'll strip out brackets and dashes. If this is a mobile number and the team's plan allows texting, the person can elect to get invites by SMS.
Notes No Add any useful information here - coaching notes, medical information, contact info for parents...
Add Birthday No Check this box and select a date if you want to store birthdays for age-based play.
Role Yes The person can be a 'Player' (will automatically receive all invites), a 'Guest' (only invited when needed - so use this for backup players, or trialists), or a 'Non-Player' (does not receive invites). Use the non-player status for admin staff or coaches who don't need to be invited.
Send invitations by: Yes Invitations are sent by email, unless you have a plan which allows texting, then that is an option.
Give administrator rights Yes Check this box if you want the person to be able to edit the schedule, roster, finances, and group settings, or to create polls.

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