Add a Game or Event

Select your team from the 'My Teams' option on the menu bar. 

Click on the 'Schedule' tab, then click on the 'Add Game' or 'Add Event' button. A game is where you have an opponent; an event is an internal affair e.g training session or social event.

Then, fill out the fields below. 

[Note: event duration and recurring event entry are coming soon!]

Item Required? Contents
Date Yes When your game or event is being held. Pick the first day if it's a multi-day event.
Time No Start time of your game or event. Select 'Time is TBD' if you don't know yet. 
Opponent No (games only) Enter the opposing team name. 
Description No (events only) Enter a short description e.g. 'Pre-Season Training'
Home Team No (games only) Check if you are the home team, as you may need to pay referees or switch uniforms if there's a clash. Prepare!
Notes No Enter any necessary or useful information for your team about this game or event e.g. if there will be heavy traffic; coaching notes; or specific items to bring. This is shared on the invitation. 
Place No Enter the location. Select 'TBD' if not known yet, or 'Add a New Location' if it's somewhere not shown. (The drop-down list has the places you've played recently.)
Send invitations: Yes Choose when to send game invitations. We recommend four days in advance, but it really depends on the nature of your team. If you choose three or more days in advance, anyone who doesn't respond will get a follow-up two days after the first invitation. 

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